Captivated by the Beauty of Hong Kong

Amidst all the overwhelming emotions, only one thing pops on my mind to describe my first out of the country vacation — fulfilling. First of all, the preparation was not easy. Before this dream became a reality, we had to research all the possible details about Hong Kong; purchase the cheapest airfare, attraction tickets and [...]


ADN Fest 2017

It's that time of the year again! I can still recall the first AlDub Nation Fest last year — meeting Maine at the exit unexpectedly, Alden singing Your Guardian Angel, their intense stares for each other, the tear-jerker videos, and the numerous fans that filled the SMX Hall. There are a lot of memorable moments [...]

Sunday Currently // vol. 4

It's been a while since the last time I did this. Lot of things have happened and I've been busy lately that's why I can't find time to write frequently.  Anyway, I had a sh*tty internet connection these past few days so I found another way to spend my weekend — I finished my pending [...]



You captured my attention when you spoke With a voice so manly, I can't help but look With a height so high, I continue to adore Such a sight that's quite rare   Then came our first conversation Seems like the world spin in slow motion But what made my heart flutter You're one silly [...]


Handmade & Heartwarming

Witnessing the growth of your mentee is one thing; but knowing that you have inspired him/her in some ways is more meaningful to me.  I am a sentimental person so I was deeply touched when I saw the gift that Rona gave me — a simple "World's Greatest Mentor" recognition and a handwritten letter.  Back [...]


Meng’s New Venture

Maine Mendoza never fails to amaze me. At a young age, she proves than she's more than just a pretty face; she's a lady who knows how to handle the fruits of her labor intelligently. I'm excited to share that finally, our Meng has her own McDonald's franchise!  The said fast food chain just opened [...]


Playing with Illusions at Upside Down Museum

My bestfriend, together with her officemates, went to Cebu last month and had a sidetrip here in Manila so we decided to spend a  day together. We dined in and had our own time catching up with each other's lives. A little over later, she invited me to go to Upside Down Museum with her [...]