HK2017: Cultural Day at Ngong Ping

Monday was supposed to be Disneyland Day but due to the gloomy weather forecast, we decided to swap it with our Ngong Ping itinerary instead. Surprisingly, everything went pretty well. Visiting Ngong Ping was a totally different experience compared to our other tours in Hong Kong. I found a lot of interesting things as we [...]


Captivated by the Beauty of Hong Kong

Amidst all the overwhelming emotions, only one thing pops on my mind to describe my first out of the country vacation — fulfilling. First of all, the preparation was not easy. Before this dream became a reality, we had to research all the possible details about Hong Kong; purchase the cheapest airfare, attraction tickets and [...]


You captured my attention when you spoke With a voice so manly, I can't help but look With a height so high, I continue to adore Such a sight that's quite rare   Then came our first conversation Seems like the world spin in slow motion But what made my heart flutter You're one silly [...]