Hello, Bed Weather!

It's been a while since the last time I posted in this blog. I miss writing but it's quite a struggle for me to pick up my pen these days. In fact, I have a lot of stories that I want to share — the things that make me busy and probably new stuffs that [...]


A Very HIPPIE Christmas

This season wouldn't be complete without the numerous Christmas parties happening everywhere. Some are fancy ones with extravagant themes; others are simple gathering with friends. I attended a few this year and the celebration with my EINSTEIN fam was one of my faves. Our HIPPIE Christmas ES party was held at the newly opened CT [...]

Lost in Macau

Macau is like a much bigger version of Makati for me. The tall skyscrapers totally intimidated me; I felt like a girl standing still in a huge city. We started off that day by going to the wrong ferry terminal. But not finding our way out of the big structures and riding a bus without [...]

HK2017: Bright Smiles & Happy Hearts in HK Disneyland

Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming a Disney princess. Who would've thought that it will somehow become a reality? Not in my glamorous ball gown, but in just a casual outfit with a cute Mickey Mouse headband. Happiness radiated from me the moment I stepped into the magical place called Hong Kong Disneyland. [...]