An Open Letter to That Girl (A Response to M.M.)

I just finished reading your open letter to us for the second time around. This time warm tears fell from my eyes. I'm not sure why I'm writing this. All I know is that I need to vent out this sadness in my heart while I listen to this random Spotify Broken Heart playlist. First [...]


Lost in Macau

Macau is like a much bigger version of Makati for me. The tall skyscrapers totally intimidated me; I felt like a girl standing still in a huge city. We started off that day by going to the wrong ferry terminal. But not finding our way out of the big structures and riding a bus without [...]

HK2017: Bright Smiles & Happy Hearts in HK Disneyland

Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming a Disney princess. Who would've thought that it will somehow become a reality? Not in my glamorous ball gown, but in just a casual outfit with a cute Mickey Mouse headband. Happiness radiated from me the moment I stepped into the magical place called Hong Kong Disneyland. [...]

HK2017: Cultural Day at Ngong Ping

Monday was supposed to be Disneyland Day but due to the gloomy weather forecast, we decided to swap it with our Ngong Ping itinerary instead. Surprisingly, everything went pretty well. Visiting Ngong Ping was a totally different experience compared to our other tours in Hong Kong. I found a lot of interesting things as we [...]