Playing with Illusions at Upside Down Museum

My bestfriend, together with her officemates, went to Cebu last month and had a sidetrip here in Manila so we decided to spend a  day together. We dined in and had our own time catching up with each other’s lives. A little over later, she invited me to go to Upside Down Museum with her companions and I easily agreed to go with them. That’s when our little illusion adventure began. 

Upside Down Museum got its inspiration from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and USA. It’s a massive place filled with different illusion concepts that are great for catchy Facebook posts and unique Instagram feeds — apt for a millenial like me. Haha. Every corner is picture perfect; it’s hard to choose where to take a snap first. The various setups will play with your imaginations, making it a good place to bond with friends and family. 

We had our fill after a bunch of quirky photographs and crazy footsteps. Overall it was fun — definitely worth a visit. 😉


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