A Day In My Life

Being a working girl, vacation leave is considered a luxury for me. It only happens once in a blue moon so I make sure that I savor it while it lasts. I usually go on an out of town trip with my friends — somewhere that we’ve never been to — but I’m going off track by not having any plans this time.

I’m on my last day of vacation today and it actually feels nice to just be carefree and catch up on the things that I miss and love to do. Without further ado, here’s a day in the life of the girl on “vacation”.

I’m an early riser. I took my time to relax and lounge at home in the morning; I had my breakfast, scrolled through my social media feeds, and watched a few episodes of  Riverdale on Netflix.

In the afternoon, I headed to the mall to run an errand and buy some personal essentials. I also bought the magazine that I’m yearning to have since last week. Yey!

After roaming around, I had my late lunch at Cafe Shibuya, a cozy place that specializes savory toasts and drinks. I ordered truffle cream with prosciutto and hot cappuccino. The pasta was too tasty and its aroma was a bit powerful so I didn’t enjoy it that much. On the other hand, I loved the coffee; the heart-shaped art was pleasing to my eyes and the tasty blend was perfect for me.

The warm night was the highlight of my day. I went out with my college friends and catched up with one another’s lives since we haven’t seen each other for a few months. It was great to have silly and serious conversations, laugh at random things, and be the same quirky girls that we are. I’m happy to spend good times with my buddies once in a while.

It was a quick vacation but I definitely enjoyed it; I was able to relax and make time for myself so that’s enough for me. I’m quite excited to go back to work because I somehow miss several things in the office — the sound of keyboard, cool breeze from the aircon, and of course, my friends. See you tomorrow, real world! 😊


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