Alden Upsurge Concert: A Night to Remember

May 27 was one epic night for me. My friend and I went to Alden Upsurge concert and I was truly glad that we did. The two-hour show was filled with excitement, bliss and gratitude; everything was surreal. I couldn’t get enough of my feelings until now. I finally had my first legit concert experience!

Alden Richards one of the few personalities that I look up to in show biz — was the star of the night. It’s his first major solo concert as a way to showcase his side as a performer. It was indeed a success based on the loud screams, laughters and happiness that radiated from the audience inside the Kia Theatre.

The 24 year old heartthrob chose the ocean as the theme of Alden Upsurge. I loved how they incorporated it to the songs and performances during the entire show. The visuals were also pretty amazing. My heart definitely connected with the theme while watching it.

I was captivated by every performances and there were ones that truly entertained me — Alden’s dynamic tandem with Jerald Napoles, a cool production number with his closest friends, and all his dance performances. But of course, the highlight of my night was Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s special numbers; my favorite couple danced a sweet interpretation of Unsteady by the X Ambassadors and sang their own rendition of Yellow by Coldplay. The theatre roared with happy shrieks and kilig during those magical moments.

The show was perfectly entertaining for a fan like me — no question about that — but what moved my heart and genuinely stuck on me were Alden’s personal speech to the audience and message to Maine (see below). I fell in love with the sincerity of his words; it was a reminder for me to always be optimistic, brave, and thankful in life. He dedicated the concert to his mom and I knew that he surely made her proud.

The fun night went by quickly and the show ended in just a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, every penny that I spent for the concert was really worth it.

Once again, Alden, together with Maine, made me a proud fan; I witnessed their growth from being a cute couple to a talented tandem now. But more than the glitz and glamour, the phenomenal couple remained the same throughout the years — humble, kind and genuine — and that was what I’m truly thankful for.

The soldout concert only lasted for two hours but it was one of the best nights of my life. My heart was filled with happiness; I would never forget that intense feeling no matter what.

To the man of the hour, thank you for a magical and memorable night. Cheers to conquering greater heights. Congratulations, Alden Richards! 😊 👏 

(credits to @kemmebebe, @karlitonglito, @gmarecords, @kapusoprgirl and Bruce Casanova for the stage photos)


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