Not So Ordinary Weekend

How does a typical 20s girl like me spend her weekend?

I work on a graveyard shift during weekdays so I usually spend my Saturday sleeping at home from afternoon until early morning the next day. Sunday is also my rest day so I stay in my room as much possible or just go to the mall for a change of environment. 

But my recent weekend was quite different (and so memorable); I was on vacation leave last Thursday and Friday (that means more rest days for me) and I went to a much anticipated event last Saturday.

I’m truly eager to share the details so here’s a quick rundown of my weekend.

Saturday. The first half of my day went by swiftly. I just did some random stuffs; I wrote the Bio for my blog, tried curling my hair (but miserably failed 😭), and watched the Korean variety reality show, Roommate. The best part happened at night. My friend/former boardmate and I attended the Alden Upsurge concert. I still couldn’t get over it until now; everything was surreal. It was a night to remember, indeed. 

Sunday. I was so tired (but genuinely ecstatic) from the previous night so I just stayed at home all day. I still had hangover from the concert so I just lounged in my bed, kept updated on the best scoops from the event, and replayed the videos in my phone a COUNTLESS of times. It was truly an uproductive day for a happy girl like me.  ☺️

Everyone loves weekends. I mean, who won’t, right? It’s something that we look forward to after a few exhausting days at work. I crave for it myself and it feels good that I also make wonderful memories from it. 

I’m looking to the coming weekends and hopefully to more memorable ones, too. Cheers! 🍻


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